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Lake Worth talent show - December, 2008

 Last Saturday evening, I was selected as a finalist at the Lake Worth Community Development Corporation talent show.

Unfortunately, a day before, I lost my voice.  Fortunately, Louie, an acquaintance, offered to sing for me.  So, I played piano while he sang.  And I screamed hoarsely during the chorus. 

Here's some pictures from the event.

Louie, a performer, with One Love and Ras from Arrested Development, and another judge.

Kris Kemp, One Love, Ras from Arrested Development, another judge.

Kris Kemp, performer, Nancy from LWCDC, Louie, performer.

The song is "I feel aliver (now that I'm a dumpster diver)" from the new musical Dumpster Diver ... the Musical™.  Click here to watch the video.

Here's some more videos from the talent show.  Check them out and leave comments. 

Step dancing group

Singer performs song from musical

Piano playing singer performs song from musical

Guy with incredible voice sings "Old Man River"

Singer performs song

Interpretive dance

Girl sings "Summertime"


Singer sings "Listen" from Beyonce

KNT rap duet - they won