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Dec. 15th, 2008

divers, diver, diving, dumpster, dumpsters

Lake Worth talent show - December, 2008

 Last Saturday evening, I was selected as a finalist at the Lake Worth Community Development Corporation talent show.

Unfortunately, a day before, I lost my voice.  Fortunately, Louie, an acquaintance, offered to sing for me.  So, I played piano while he sang.  And I screamed hoarsely during the chorus. 

Here's some pictures from the event.

Louie, a performer, with One Love and Ras from Arrested Development, and another judge.

Kris Kemp, One Love, Ras from Arrested Development, another judge.

Kris Kemp, performer, Nancy from LWCDC, Louie, performer.

The song is "I feel aliver (now that I'm a dumpster diver)" from the new musical Dumpster Diver ... the Musical™.  Click here to watch the video.

Here's some more videos from the talent show.  Check them out and leave comments. 

Step dancing group

Singer performs song from musical

Piano playing singer performs song from musical

Guy with incredible voice sings "Old Man River"

Singer performs song

Interpretive dance

Girl sings "Summertime"


Singer sings "Listen" from Beyonce

KNT rap duet - they won

Dec. 3rd, 2008

divers, diver, diving, dumpster, dumpsters

Dumpsters Reviewed and Rated in Palm Beach County - Where to dumpster dive in Palm Beach County

Wanna eat for free?

Where can you find bread, hummus, chocolate, Samantha's juices, fruit, vegetables?

This review will tell you.

These stores no longer exist in this area
These first reviews are for dumpsters to stores that no longer exist in the area.  I am posting them here, however, because you may find one of these stores near you, so you can know what to expect.

Wild Oat's
directions:  The back route is Georgia south, past Forest Hill, first left after RR tracks where the road curves, and you'll be in the back parking lot.
 An excellent food score when it was open.  Recently, though, Wild Oat's was bought out by Whole Foods and they use compactors.  Maybe they leave the compactor door unlocked.  Worth checking.
review:  You'll see a grey dumpster with hidden treats inside, waiting for your arrival.  Good assortment of yogurt, Samantha's juices, fruit, vegetables, candy, bread, eggs, hummus, etc.  John remarked:  "You could just eat here and you'd be the healthiest person in Palm Beach county."

Entemann's Bakery Outlet
directions:  Dixie, west side, just a 1/4 to 1/2 mile south of Belvedere.  
Best time to visit is either late afternoon or evening or even nighttime.  This dumpster rocks!  A veritable plethora of muffins, cakes, donuts, breads--basically all the nutritional pornography you need to completely rot your teeth away.  This is a dangerous dumpster, in that regard, so use caution.  I've been yelled at 2x when shopping here, but waved, apologized, then left.  A good technique is to search rapidly, watch for employees, then quickly toss your spoils over the nearby back barb wired fence for later pickup.  This way, you'll bike or drive away empty handed.  Unhealthy food, lots of it.  Good for a coffeehouse get together.

Krispy Kreme
Tooth rot.  Lots of it in these nutritional handcuffs purchased by slaves to the sweet tooth.  Get garbage bags full--dedicated to only donuts--behind this shop.  
Directions:  Take I-95 to Palm Beach Lakes.  Head south on Palm Beach Lakes.  About 1/2 mile to the west side you'll see the culprit, decorated in post-modern deco, innocently acting to hide it's guilt (mass poisoning of consumers).  Dumpster is in back.  Garlic (Scott Thourot) & I drove by & did a dive, retreating a kitchen bag full-o-donuts.  Scott opened the bag and sat it on the kitchen floor.  It's probably still there.  He's a bit eccentric.

These stores still exist.  Be sure to check their dumpsters.

Hoffman's Chocolates
Directions:  Lake Worth road.  Head west for several miles, keeping a spotter watching the south side for the Hoffman's building, a large house structure with Christmas lights during the holidays.  Iffy results, but you'll usually come away with some high quality delights.  Makes a great night out prior to a $2 movie at movies of Lake Worth just west of there.

C&D's produce
There's a few locations for this:  one on Lake Worth Road, just west of Congress, north side.  The other is on Military Trail, between Blue Heron and Northlake Boulevard, on the west side.  The dumpster at Northlake offers an abundance of fruit, vegetables, and compost.  Bring a truck if you can.  The one in Lake Worth offers a smaller amount of produce.  Both locations are worth visiting.

On the west side of Dixie, south of Forest Hill.  This dumpster varies depending on the night.  Drive by and bring your flashlight.  It's pretty dark back there.  You'll see some cats hanging out there, too.  I met a homeless guy who helped me load stuff in the car.  Wear dirty clothes, boots, socks, even gloves - this dumpster gets pretty dirty.

Don Victoria's 
A wooden fence that is closed hides this dumpster.  The fence has a lock on it, but it is not locked.  Simply remove lock, enter fenced area, open dumpster.  Usually, I will find watermelons, citrus, and sometimes boxes of rotting plant material useful for compost.

Winn Dixie compactor
On the corner of Dixie and Gregory, just south of Forest Hill, is Winn Dixie. Drive or bicycle around to the back.  Park.  Open the compactor door and look inside.  You need a flashlight.  Be careful.  An abundance of delicious food in boxes that are unharmed.  (At Sedona's the boxes are often slashed open.)  To see what I found one night at this dumpster, click here for a slideshow.

Nutrition S'mart
Northlake.  Incredible yield - soy, energy bars, veggies, produce.

Nutrition World
On the southwest corner of Military & Okeechobee, in Pine Trail Shopping Centre, just a few stores north of Marshall's & TCBY.  Behind the store is a terrific dumpster.  Dived shitake mushrooms, veggies, produce, soy, etc.  Smells like disinfectant, so exercise caution & wash food before eating.  Not sure if they spray dumpster to prevent stench of to discourage divers.

Einstein Bagels
On the southeast corner of Military & Okeechobee, behind Dunkin Donuts, and north of Kmart (Big K).  Great dumpster.  Usually a clear bag - Praise God! - that's dedicated (only for bagels or a specific type of food) full of a great assortment of bagels, often tossed daily so they're fresh.  :-)

Panera's Bread
On Northlake, east of I-95.  One time I found a bunch of bread and bagels here, but I've returned to find very little.  So, it depends on the day.

I posted some slideshows of dumpster'ed food at:  Dumpster Liberation Front.

Be sure to check out Dumpster Diver ... the Musical.

Nov. 29th, 2008

divers, diver, diving, dumpster, dumpsters

I was selected as a finalist for the Talent Show


I made it as a finalist at the talent show for the Lake Worth Community Development Center.

I'll be performing "I feel aliver (now that I'm a dumpster diver)", from the musical Dumpster Diver ... the Musical™.

You're invited.  It's free, too.  Here are the details:

Lake Worth Community Development Center
1701 Wingfield Street
Lake Worth, Florida 33460

Click here for mapquest directions to the center.

Saturday, December 13, 7pm -  9pm

Guest judges include Raz and one love, from  Arrested Development, as well as DJ Bobby B, a firefighter from Lake Worth, and the artistic director from the Lake Worth Playhouse.

Show up and have fun watching everyone perform.  

I brought a digital camera to the audition and Evan, the emcee, videotaped me audtioning.  Click here to watch. 

Click here to watch the video for "I feel aliver".

A review of "I feel aliver (now that I'm a dumpster diver)":

I found your blog while googling for "dumpster diving".  Aliver was great, I 
played the video for my partner and it stuck, we've both been humming it for 
days.  I don't know if I should thank you or curse at you.  Congrats on the 
talent show audition, the dancing video was awsome, you've got some sweet 
moves.  I've recently writen a song about my Junk For Christmas Challenge 
which I hope to record for YouTube soon.  Later.
- Fig Fighter

Afterwards, Evan, DJ Bobby B, and I danced, while one of the center workers took this footage.

This is a fun, free event, so go.  Call me, Kris Kemp, at: 561-283-1972 or e-mail me at: bicycledays@yahoo.com

In the meantime, check out the website for Dumpster Diver ... the Musical™.

Nov. 28th, 2008

divers, diver, diving, dumpster, dumpsters

The beauty of bartering using Craig's List

A few days ago, I needed to get copies of the script Dumpster Diver ... the Musical™  made.  When you write a script for a musical, it's called the book.  If you click on that link in the first sentence, and go to that website, then click on the "book" link, you can read the script.

I need about 8 - 10 copies of the script and this would amount to about 640 to 800 pages and at 5-cents a page, that would be about 40-something dollars.  Unsure of what to do, and needing to get the copies, so I can do a read-thru of the script, I was pretty frustrated.

Then I got an idea.

I visited www.CraigsList.com and, using their "barter" function,  posted an ad that basically read "need 1000 copies made will barter for".  Inside the ad, I offered my services, which read:

1)  natural weight loss ebook  that I wrote (value: $37)
2)  learn the secrets to buying land anywhere in Florida for cheap, an ebook that I wrote (value: $97)
3)  i can make a website for you
4) tomato plants

From that ad, I got two responses.  One offering to do copies in exchange for tomatoes.  The other offering to do copies for free.

Isn't that cool.  I'll be using this Live Journal blog for more stories about dumpster diving, and the musical.  If you want more self-help, personal development, or just interesting articles and personal stories, visit my other blog at: http://www.weblog.xanga.com/kriskemp

Nov. 26th, 2008

divers, diver, diving, dumpster, dumpsters

How to Eat for Free in 3 easy Steps

This is my first post at Live Journal about dumpster diving.

Follow these 3 easy steps to eat for free.

What you will need:
flashlight - Get a good one.
diving stick - A broomstick will suffice.
sturdy shoes/boots - Protects you from sharp objects.
long pants/socks - Protection from scraping against unseen objects.
boxes/bags - Provides a way to carry what you find, like a shopping basket.

Click here to see a slideshow of food found in the Winn Dixie compactor.

1)  Visit the dumpster or compactor behind any grocery store or produce stand.
For chain grocery stores, like Publix, Winn Dixie, Sedano's, some of these which use compactors, I recommend you go after dark, about an hour after the sun has set.  Usually they aren't still throwing stuff out at that time.  Also, you're likely to get harassed by management if they see you dumpster diving.
For produce stands, I recommend you go in the late afternoon, when the sun is still out.  Why?  I've been dumpstering C+D's produce for almost two years now and retrieving loads of food from their can.  Going at night, it's difficult to see what's down there as they really load up their dumpsters with flattened cardboard boxes, with food underneath.  During the day, I can navigate through the cardboard to get to the edibles or compost material.

2)  Sift through their dumpster or compactor carefully.
Start by peeking over the dumpster and seeing what is inside.  Use your diving stick to lift up cardboard and poke through bags.  Once you find something you want, carefully put your hand in and retrieve it.  Please be careful.  Be safe.  Have fun.  Do not dumpster dive when you are drunk.  Find what you need.  Bag it.  Box it.  Leave the dumpster cleaner and emptier than you found it.  If others visit the dumpster, leave some food or merchandise for them.  Be respectful of shoppers.  Focus on your dive and do not worry about people watching you.  They are curious, and maybe they will join you dumpster diving.  There is enough to go around.

3)  Repeat steps one and two.
If you find a full dumpster that provides you with lots of food and compost, support that store by buying stuff from them, stuff you do not find in the can.  Eventually, you will notice other dumpsters to dive.  Find out when the garbage pickup is and get to the dumpster before that.  Find out when they are wheeling out the produce that will go into the dumpster and perform and interception, by asking them if you can have it.  Whatever you do, be polite.  Be kind.  Be friendly.  Smile.

Take a look at pictures of food from the dumpster, visit:  www.DumpsterLiberationFront.com
Listen to songs from my musical about dumpster diving at:  www.DumpsterDiverMusical.com