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divers, diver, diving, dumpster, dumpsters

I was selected as a finalist for the Talent Show


I made it as a finalist at the talent show for the Lake Worth Community Development Center.

I'll be performing "I feel aliver (now that I'm a dumpster diver)", from the musical Dumpster Diver ... the Musical™.

You're invited.  It's free, too.  Here are the details:

Lake Worth Community Development Center
1701 Wingfield Street
Lake Worth, Florida 33460

Click here for mapquest directions to the center.

Saturday, December 13, 7pm -  9pm

Guest judges include Raz and one love, from  Arrested Development, as well as DJ Bobby B, a firefighter from Lake Worth, and the artistic director from the Lake Worth Playhouse.

Show up and have fun watching everyone perform.  

I brought a digital camera to the audition and Evan, the emcee, videotaped me audtioning.  Click here to watch. 

Click here to watch the video for "I feel aliver".

A review of "I feel aliver (now that I'm a dumpster diver)":

I found your blog while googling for "dumpster diving".  Aliver was great, I 
played the video for my partner and it stuck, we've both been humming it for 
days.  I don't know if I should thank you or curse at you.  Congrats on the 
talent show audition, the dancing video was awsome, you've got some sweet 
moves.  I've recently writen a song about my Junk For Christmas Challenge 
which I hope to record for YouTube soon.  Later.
- Fig Fighter

Afterwards, Evan, DJ Bobby B, and I danced, while one of the center workers took this footage.

This is a fun, free event, so go.  Call me, Kris Kemp, at: 561-283-1972 or e-mail me at: bicycledays@yahoo.com

In the meantime, check out the website for Dumpster Diver ... the Musical™.